August 19, 2022
Dear Prayer Partner,

We Were Not Left Out

Many of you have already had Covid-19. We felt left out. So, at the end of May, we joined your ranks. We came down with Omicron, so we got off easy, or so we thought. However, in the weeks that followed, we have been dealing with long Covid: back pain, chest pain, leg pain, and so on. It sounds like this is fairly common and that most people eventually recover from this too. Please pray for our complete recovery.

Japan is Number 1

Recently, Japan had the distinction of becoming number one, for the most Covid cases worldwide. Most of them were light cases with few deaths. While much of the rest of the world seems to be moving on from Covid, that is not the case in Japan. These last 2 years have been challenging for our ministry here. While believers have been good about attending services, Covid has kept most lost Japanese from church. Please pray that people can get past their fear of Covidand that lost Japanese will once again come to our church.

A Blessing

God has blessed us with a great group of young people. What a blessing to hear them sing “How Can I Fear”. Please pray for our young people. Pray that they will put the Lord first in their lives. Pray for them as they live in a world full of temptations.
Click on the picture below, if you’d like to hear them sing.


Help Wanted!

A friend asked us about a good church for a lady working in Japan. Sadly, I am not aware of a good church in her city. This is not the exception, but the rule. There are so many more needy cities like this all across Japan. Please pray for God to send more laborers to work in the needy fields of Japan.
We pray God will bless you and keep you. Thank you for your faithful support and prayers.
Co-Laborers for Christ,
Mike & Cindy Burgett
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