October 7, 2015

Dear Prayer Partner,

Tracts Work – The Nishi’s Baptism

151002Four years ago, Mr. & Mrs. Nishi read one of our church tracts and called wanting to study the Bible. They faithfully attended Bible studies and after a year, trusted Christ as their Savior. Following this, they began preparing for baptism, but in the process stopped coming. 1½ years and many visits later, they resumed their Bible studies.

When the Nishis first came they were struggling with personal problems, but as we continued studying the Bible together they began to grow and change. Now they smile and laugh and look forward to studying God’s Word. The Nishis have a fear of being around too many people, but in August they gave their fear over to the Lord and attended Sunday services. On September 6th, they followed the Lord in baptism. Attending Sunday services is still a struggle for them, but they continue to grow. What a joy it is to see how God is working in their lives. Please remember the Nishis in your prayers.

Sunday School is for All Ages – Mrs. Maruyama’s Baptism

Mrs. Maruyama thought she had been saved while participating in a gospel choir in the Tokyo area. Later after moving to our town, she began attending our services. She also sat in on Sunday School classes with her son. It was through these simple Sunday School lessons, that she realized her sinfulness and what Christ had done for her on the cross. As a result, she trusted Christ as her Savior and on September 13th she was baptized. Mrs. Maruyama is the only Christian in her family. Please pray for her family’s salvation.

“I Don’t Know Why…” – Mrs. Pu’s Baptism

151001Mrs. Pu is a Chinese lady who was saved at another church. She has been attending our church for the past 7 years. One day, Cindy asked her, “Why haven’t you joined our church?” To which she replied, “I don’t know why, but I would like to!” She had been sprinkled at her last church, so on September 13th, she followed the Lord in proper baptism. Please pray for Mrs. Pu’s walk with the Lord.


Thanksgiving is a time we reflect on and are thankful for our many blessings from God and others. You, our supporters, are a special blessing to us. As we reflect on the blessings of God, we want to thank you for the part you have played. We thank the Lord for your prayers for us. Thank you for being such a great blessing to us.

Co-Laborers for Christ,

Mike & Cindy Burgett

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