This is the time of the year our hearts are full of thankfulness: thankful for God’s blessings on our lives and most especially for the birth of our dear Savior. We are also thankful for all of you who have faithfully supported our work for the past almost 30 years. We have never wanted for anything and our needs have always been met. We feel truly blessed by your love and faithfulness to us and our work in Japan.

Church Camp1312pic1

In September, we headed for the beautiful mountains of Myoko for an overnight church camp. It was a great time of fun, food and fellowship as we got to know our people in a whole new way.

A Phone Call1312pic2

Sunday evening, I received a phone call from Daiju, a college student who has been training to be a Sunday School teacher. “Mrs. Cindy, you’re never going to believe what happened!” “What happened?” “I was taking Julia (a 5th grade S.S. student) home and I decided to talk to her about believing on Jesus as her Savior. When I asked her if she wanted to trust Christ as her Savior she said, ‘Yes!’ Julia got saved tonight!” How exciting it is to see our young people excited about winning others to Christ.

Breast Cancer

Mrs. Pan is a Chinese lady who was recently brought to us by Mrs. Pu, another Chinese lady who attends our church. Mrs. Pan has breast cancer. She has gone to church some in China but unsure of her eternal destination. Using Mrs. Pu as translator, Mike carefully explained the plan of salvation and that salvation would not heal her cancer but would heal her sinful soul. After she prayed she lifted her head and with a radiant smile kept saying , “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for telling me about Jesus!” Please continue to pray for this dear lady.

Thank you for being so faithful to give and pray for us and our work in Japan.

Co-Laborers for Christ,

Mike & Cindy Burgett

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