Jon & His Family

Jon and his family worked with us for 3 months. What a blessing they were! Thank you for the extra support many of you sent to help cover some of their expenses. Please pray for God to lead them in how and where they should serve Him.

Grandma Furukawa’s Baptism

On September 9th, Grandma Furukawa followed the Lord in baptism. Grandma Furukawa, who is 81, first began attending our church a little over a year ago. Her son was the first one in their family to trust Christ. Through his prayers and testimony, his whole family has now come to know the Lord. Pray that this will encourage other believers to continue witnessing to their lost loved ones.

Brother Shimoda’s Baptism

1211pic2Brother Shimoda was also baptized on September 9th. Three years ago, in response to a friend’s invitation, he began attending our church. We thank the Lord for his salvation and baptism. In the spring, he will graduate from university and move to Tokyo for his new job. Pray that he will not be assigned a job that requires him to work on Sunday. Please pray that God will bless and use this young man for his honor and glory.

The Stanfords’ Support

Russ and Joy have had to extend their time in the US. Due to the continued devaluation of the dollar, they need to raise more support. They are a vital part of our work here and we really do miss them. Please pray that God will provide them with the needed support and that they’ll soon be able to return to their work in Japan.

Still many more Japanese need to hear about our wonderful Savior. Thank you for praying for us as we continue serving the Lord here. May God bless you as you serve Him there.

Co-Laborers for Christ,

Mike and Cindy Burgett

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