Easter Blessings

1205pic1We praise the Lord for the way He continues to bless His work here in Nagaoka. Easter morning started with a few inches of fresh snow in our parking lot, but ended with 50 attending services. Since then, we continue to have a good number attending services every Sunday. We thank the Lord for the good number of people He continues to send our way.

Mother’s Day

God blessed us with 45 on Mother’s Day. Cindy had put together some potpourri to give each of the mothers who attended our services. Please pray for these mothers to put God first in their own lives and to be busy teaching and training their children to love and serve the Lord.

Expanding Our International Outreach

For some time now we have a good number of foreigners attending our services. Many of these do not understand Japanese, but do understand English. Our International Service (in English) was on the 1st Sunday of each month, but from next week we will have an International Service every Sunday morning (followed by our normal Japanese service). This will allow those who don’t know Japanese to worship the Lord in English. It will also allow us to split our group so that they can properly fit in our small (15′ x 18′) auditorium. Please pray for God to bless this expanded international outreach.

Cindy’s Health

Cindy is still in the US. She is recuperating from surgery she had in April (I went back briefly to be with her for her surgery). She needs to stay in the US until the end of June, but is eagerly awaiting her return at the first of July. Please continue to pray for her health and recovery.

The Stanfords

The Stanfords are a real blessing to our work here. Recently, Russ Stanford returned to the US to raise additional support. As a result of the dollar’s devaluation (against the yen), prices have increased by 75% (over the past 5 years). This has been difficult on us, but it has been even more difficult on the Stanfords who have 5 children. Please pray for God to supply the Stanford’s and us with the needed support to continue the work God has given us to do in Japan.

We thank the Lord for your prayers and support. What a blessing you are to us. We continue to pray for God to richly bless each of you as we strive toward the same goal of reaching the lost for Christ.

Co-Laborers for Christ,

Mike and Cindy Burgett

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