Our Hope in Christ

1111pic1“Our Hope in Christ” was our theme for this year’s fall evangelistic meeting. What a great time of fellowship we had with Pastor Kitaoka and his dear wife. Pastor Kitaoka was saved at our work in Makuhari, soon after we arrived in 1986. A year later, he surrendered to preach, quit his engineering job, and went to Bible School. Later he started the Sapporo East Bible Baptist Church. The messages and time of fellowship were a real blessing to all of us. We thank the Lord for the Kitaokas faithful service to the Lord. Please pray for God to bless them and their ministry in Sapporo.

Mrs. Uchida Found Peace

“Paul planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” Teresa, a lady we have never met, first spoke to Mrs. Uchida (front row, far right in the picture above) about the Lord and suggested that she attend Agape. From the first time she came to our church last November, she was earnestly seeking the truth about God. She had tried other religions, but none of them gave her the peace she was looking for. After a year of studying the Bible, she came to church last week and asked if she could pray with us. She said she had practiced a prayer in English that she really wanted to pray. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we listened as she began to pray a humble sinner’s prayer. It was so beautiful. She looked up and with tears in her eyes said, “Was that OK? I really want to trust Christ as my Savior today.“ What a day of rejoicing! Mrs. Uchida left that day with the peace she had been searching for. Teresa, thank you for planting the seed. Lord, we thank you for bringing forth the increase. Pray for Mrs. Uchida as she begins her walk with the Lord. Please pray for her husband and children who are still unsaved.

A Good Group of Young People

Thanks to an engineering college in town, God has given us an opportunity to minister to many young people from all around the world. It’s like a mission field within a mission field. Some have been saved, but many are still lost. Their time here is limited. Please pray for God to give us wisdom as we seek to reach these young people for the Lord.

The Dollar is Down, but God is Not

The dollar is down to an all time low, but thankfully God is not limited by the power of the dollar. We are confident He will continue to supply for His work in Japan. Your prayers are a blessing and an encouragement to us. May God richly bless you.

Co-Laborers for Christ,

Mike and Cindy Burgett

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