Spring Cherry Blossoms

1004pic1Winter was long and cold and brought with it lots of snow, but spring has finally come to our part of Japan. Spring brings with it cherry trees wrapped in beautiful pink cherry blossoms. During this time, many Japanese go sit under the cherry trees, eat their picnic lunches, and look at the beautiful cherry blossoms. For most Japanese, “cherry blossom viewing” is an annual Spring event. Cherry blossoms have a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people. Not only do the Japanese love them for their beauty, but also value them as reminders of the brevity of life (since they bloom and soon fall to the ground). Life certainly is brief. We covet your prayers as we continue to tell the Japanese of our Savior who came to bring eternal life to a world of sinners, where life is short and death is sure.

An Extra Special Blessing from God

1004pic2During the long winter, God gave us an extra special blessing. Mrs. Nagasawa, who began attending our services in October of 2008, trusted Christ as her Savior. What a thrill it was to us to see her finally get saved. Now, Mrs. Nagasawa wants to see her husband saved as well. Please join her and us in praying for Mr. Nagasawa’s salvation. They have two precious daughters who love to attend Sunny Kids Club (our Sunday School). What a blessing it would be if their whole family was to be saved.

Lost Souls Hearing God’s Word

We are thankful that God continues to send many lost souls our way. It is a rare Sunday that we do not have several lost in our services, hearing God’s Word preached. Most Japanese know nothing about the Bible or our wonderful Savior. That coupled with their aversion to becoming a Christian (something similar to betraying their family, culture, and country), means that it often takes months or even years before they will believe in Christ as their Savior. Please pray for the lost who God has sent our way. Pray that as they hear God’s Word preached, the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts, so that they too will come to know the Lord as their Savior.

Thank You for Your Faithfulness

Your faithfulness to pray and give makes it possible for us to continue preaching Christ here in Japan. We thank the Lord for the way He is using you and us to get the message of salvation out to the Japanese people. We pray that God will continue to bless you for your faithfulness.

Co-Laborers for Christ,

Mike & Cindy Burgett

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